About Zuid

Rotterdam is a city in which the composition of the population has changed dramatically in the space of a few decades. Not only that, a large proportion of that population is socially and economically disadvantaged compared to the rest of the Netherlands and the other major cities. This is most visible in Rotterdam Zuid. Social, economic and physical problems accumulate there. The persistent nature of these problems is the reason why the Dutch State, the municipality and partners from education and business will be working together in the next 20 years on the National Programme for Rotterdam Zuid (NPRZ). NPRZ is not just an investment programme. Its task in Zuid is to develop solutions in conjunction with the people who work on the ground in Rotterdam Zuid.

Focus districts and turnaround communities
NPRZ is focusing on: Charlois, Feijenoord and IJsselmonde. Seven focus districts, where the problems are the greatest, have been singled out in these areas. These are: Afrikaanderwijk, Bloemhof, Carnisse, Feijenoord, Hillesluis, Oud-Charlois and Tarwewijk.

The University has chosen to focus its Expertise Centre for Social Innovation on Zuid.

 Focuswijken Rotterdam Zuid


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