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Expertisecentrum Maatschappelijke Innovatie (EMI) (“ Centre of Expertise Societal innovation”) connects education and practical partners with complex societal issues in South Rotterdam. Lecturers and students of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences work together on these “wicked problems” surrounding housing, work, care, education and culture. Lecturers can make use of a vast network, and are get inspiration for the creation of relevant and topical education. Students work on interesting problems in an extremely diverse environment, and are trained to become critical professionals. The solutions contribute to improving the living conditions of residents of South Rotterdam.

EMI connects knowledge and skills of partners in South Rotterdam with education, and vice versa.

With EMI, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences aims to get involved in finding solutions to problems in South Rotterdam: “wicked problems” surrounding housing, work, care & welfare, education and culture. Key elements of EMI’s approach are interaction, connection, innovation, learning while doing, and sharing knowledge. This leads to new knowledge and skills for South Rotterdam, and to sustainable educational innovation in the training of future professionals. The benefit for students is that they enter the labour market with more confidence. Per programme, practical partners and residents of South Rotterdam  work together with students, lecturers and researchers in so-called Communities of Practice, with the goal to solve complex issues.

This approach results in connections between health and the design of public space, between vulnerable and resilient residents, between art and cultures in South Rotterdam, but also between societal and technological innovations. This explains our choice for an area-based, integral approach of societal innovation.

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Expertisecentrum Maatschappelijke Innovatie

Email: EMIopzuid@hr.nl
Telephone: 010 794 5946

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