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Improving the living environment in South Rotterdam by means of art and culture. Culture in South Rotterdam it is a cause for hope. But meanwhile, lots of questions related to culture participation in South Rotterdam remain unanswered. For there is very little culture participation EMI can begin to deal with that with a cultural programme. What informal infrastructure is already present? How can we support it? What are the needs of the residents? There already are passionate people who are working with culture. This cultural capital is the starting point for EMI to think about how it can make a contribution in the coming years.

“Let EMI emphasize the informal infrastructure of art and culture and the already existing cultural capital of South Rotterdam.”

The EMI programme Culture in South Rotterdam is a work in progress, which only started medio 2019. South Rotterdam is a city district with about 200,000 residents, comparable to the provincial town of Almere. There are not many cultural institutions (only14 of the 86 formal cultural institutes are in South Rotterdam), and few ‘Cultuurplan subsidies’ are granted for that part of town. We believe there is much more on offer: informal; invisible; underground offer. Our EMI programme starts here. Together with students, teachers and cultural partners we will research, help and experiment this cultural capital.

If you have any further questions, or if you want to contribute to the program, please contact Dafne Foet (d.foet@hr.nl) or Reinier Weers (r.e.weers@hr.nl).

Principle of reciprocity
You research here, visit maybe a neigbourhood which is not yours, you observe, you ask, you take notice, you take pictures. For your project, your study. And then you leave. We want you to always bring or give something back to South Rotterdam.

Read more about the programme Culture in South at page 38 - 40.

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