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Rotterdam is the city with the greatest social dynamics in the Netherlands. Entrepreneurial social and cultural pioneers praise the space that they get in the city to do new things. With a population structure that has changed drastically over the years and the enormous drive for building and designing, Rotterdam is a city that constantly re-invents itself. The dark side of this is that not all residents have been able to cope with these changes, and have come to lag behind socially and economically. South Rotterdam in particular experiences a persistent accumulation of complex problems of a social, economic and physical nature. Solving these problems requires not only time, but also more cohesion in expertise; a different deployment of means and proper research that focuses on practical questions.

Rotterdam seeks ways of finding solutions to the big regional problems by connecting education and research with partners from everyday practice. It is precisely this connection that leads to new knowledge, which can be applied in practice, and helps shape innovation in the training of future professionals.

Against this background, EMI, together with Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, plays a constructive role, in collaboration with cultural and social pioneers; the business world; municipality; care, education and welfare institutions; scientists and students.

It is EMI’s goal to:

  • Create focus by making clear choicesfocus massa kwaliteit
  • Delivering quality by contributing to conceiving, implementing and testing multi-year programmes that provide solutions to the societal problems in South Rotterdam; all this in communication with practical partners.
  • Increase its impact by involving more lecturers, students and researchers with a wide range of specializations.

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