Programme council


Naïma Azough
Former Member of Parliament, raised in South Rotterdam, journalist ad maker of documentaries

Hannaa Faouzi

Marco Florijn
Member of the Board of political party PvdA, and member of he board of governors of the Wiarda Beckman Stichting, the scientific bureau of the PvdA

Anoesjka Imambaks
Director of the Venture Café Rotterdam Foundation

Theo Magito
Talent development of young people in Rotterdam

Simone Rots
Partner Crimson. Architectural Historian

Atabey ┼×enyürek
Physician, Business Manager and member of the board of Kring Rotterdam

Emile van Velsen
Chair; director of the Institute for Social Studies of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences


Expertisecentrum Maatschappelijke Innovatie

Email: EMIopzuid@hr.nl
Telephone: 010 794 5946

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