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Most of the stories are based on interviews by Elsbeth Grievink.


"The students help the pupils get better school results, and gain more self confidence and a better insight into their career choice."

Wout de Folter
Lecturer Accountancy

"I can even see myself living in South Rotterdam now."

Ferhat Dogan

"EMI helps us identify difficult questions in South Rottterdam and introduces our students to the right parties."

Anne Kooiman
Lecturer Social Work and Pedagogy

"I would very much like to expand the initiative by starting a Mama’s Garden in our school."

Esther Sjerp-de Vries
Career coach Zadkine

"Under the wings of EMI our students work on a wide range of assignments related to South Rotterdam."

Jurgen Jeurissen
Lecturer Leisure Management

"All in all it was a very successful project that aquainted our students with South Rotterdam."

Jaap van Grinsven
Lecturer Communication and Multimedia Design

"The enthusiasm and drive of the students is striking."

Laurens Housing


"For each theme I have formulated the ten most attractive assignments to inspire the students."

Sofie Smeets
Lecturer International Business and Management Studies


"It is our goal to have an impact on society. That is why we like to work together with EMI."

Steffie Theuns
Education Manager Commercial Economics







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