Mission & Vision

Rotterdam is the most socially dynamic city in the Netherlands. Social and cultural pioneers with an entrepreneurial spirit sing the praises of the freely available space in the city to do new things. With its dramatically altered population composition and enormous urge to build and design, Rotterdam is a city that is continually reinventing itself. The problematic side of all this is that a proportion of its residents has been unable to keep up with these changes and has fallen severely behind both socially and economically. Rotterdam Zuid in particular is emblematic of a persistent accumulation of complex social, economic and physical problems. Solving these problems not only requires time, but also more coordinated expertise, a different use of resources and good research that focuses on practical issues.

Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences is seeking to address the major regional issues by linking education and research to actual practice. Acquiring new knowledge will happen precisely through this link-up. Such knowledge will benefit actual practice and point the way for educational innovation in study programmes for future professionals.

This is the background against which EMI and Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences are building, in conjunction with cultural and social pioneers, business, the municipality, healthcare, education, welfare, scientists and students.

 focus massa kwaliteitEMI has set itself the task of:

  • Introducing focus by making clear-cut choices.

  • Delivering quality by contributing towards devising long-term programmes, implementing them and testing them, in consultation with partners working on the ground, to present solutions for the social problems in Zuid.

  • Creating mass by engaging more lecturers, students and researchers with various specialisms.


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Telephone: +31 (0)10 794 5946