Career Oriëntation

Young people in Zuid do not choose to work with technology or in the caring professions as much as they should even though that is where the opportunities lie in the job market. Furthermore, young people in Zuid often choose a course that is not appropriate for them or that they do not complete. This is not just a problem in Zuid, but throughout Rotterdam and even nationally. National organisations and the municipality have started various initiatives to promote the choice of technology and caring professions and to reduce the drop-out rate. To improve the situation in Zuid, collaboration is being sought with national and urban initiatives, but programmes that specifically contribute to the NPRZ's aims are also being looked at.

Schools (primary, secondary, senior secondary vocational (MBO) and universities of applied science (HBO)) have collaborated in NPRZ's Career Guidance working group to develop a joint approach to improve career guidance in Zuid. In primary and secondary education, the approach will focus on training/educating teachers, supervisors of studies and student counsellors, involving parents in further education or study programme choices and on pupils acquiring experience of occupations by means of very brief, half-day work placements, visits to companies, etc. In senior secondary vocational education, the approach mainly focuses on training/educating school careers advisors and practice-based supervisors from business.



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