Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences is seeking to address the major regional issues by linking education and research to actual practice. Acquiring new knowledge will happen precisely through this link-up. Such knowledge will benefit actual practice and point the way for educational innovation in study programmes for future professionals. This is the background against which EMI and Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences are building, in conjunction with cultural and social pioneers, business, the municipality, healthcare, education, welfare, scientists and students.

EMI focuses on added value for students, lecturers, the field of operation and residents of Zuid. As part of a broad network, EMI offers scope for multidisciplinary teams who are working on solutions to intractable social problems. Implementation of the programmes is only possible through collaboration with the study programmes, knowledge centres, students and of course the collaborative partners in Zuid. Having a support base made up of politicians, committed institutions and Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences is essential. But information from the partners and stakeholders is indispensable too.


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