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EMI makes every effort to keep the information on this site as up-to-date and complete as possible.

Should you nonetheless come across anything that is incorrect or out of date, we would greatly appreciate it if you were to let us know. You may choose which method you wish to use to inform us. All the necessary information is on our contact page (we will deal with your report as quickly as possible and take action where necessary). The content of the website can change without prior notice. No rights can therefore be derived from the content of this website.

Record-keeping and personal data protection

The information you fill in on this website will be stored by Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. All the information you provide will be handled confidentially. Personal data or address data will only be used for the purpose for which it was given. The information will not be published or made available to third parties.


The photos used on the EMI website come from various sources. The following photographers are among those who have provided photos:

  • Marina Meeuwisse
  • Rene Castelijn
  • Levien Willemse

Have you seen one of your photos on the website that has not been acknowledged as yours? Let us know by e-mail to EMIopzuid@hr.nl and we will add your name.

Short films

The short films used on the EMI website are by:

  • Video Werkt

 You can find all the films used on the EMI website on our YouTube channel.


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